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For prom night limo service, New Orleans Limo Service adheres to strict safety guidelines. Call today for a prom night quote!

If you want to give your teen a memory of a lifetime for prom, call and rent one of our quality chauffeured vehicles for this milestone. Whether you are treating couples to a luxurious prom entrance, we have a variety of options ranging from 2 passengers to 25 passengers vehicles.

Our goal is to have your teens arrive in style and luxury but also safely. To make sure this happens, we have a few ground rules that must be agreed upon and signed before service begins. This agreement is in place for the safety of our passengers and of our drivers

  1. Absolutely no drinking, smoking or any illegal activities. Our drivers will put an end to the ride if he detects any of these activities.
  2. Privacy partition remains down. Drivers lock the partition in place so that he can keep an eye on the passengers.
  3. No use of the sunroof. You will not hear horror stories of your teen hanging out of the sunroof putting himself and everyone else in danger.
  4. Because we cannot control what kind of shape they are in when they get into the car, there is a $100 immediate payment if anything gets broken or a passenger gets sick in the vehicle.
  5. One passenger is elected group leader.
  6. Emergency contact information from at least one parent who will be accessible must be provided.
  7. Everyone must sign the agreement before services are rendered. Even if there is only one minor in the car, everyone must agree and follow the rules.


Prom night is a magical night for teenagers but can be a very stressful one for parents. They are out, usually past curfew, partying and dancing with their friends. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not they will get there and back safely. You can be sure that we will take every step to take care of your teens while they are in our vehicles.

When thinking about prom night limo service, you can trust our safety policies to make sure that the precious cargo arrives home safely. Call today for a quote on one of their many limousine, SUV or even bus rentals.

Please call for prom limo rates.

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